Time To Hire A Professional Tree Service Company

San Clemente Tree ServiceYou just moved into a new home, you spend weeks unpacking and getting everything put in just the right place. The inside looks fantastic, now you wander outside and it occurs to you that you have trees out there, trees that need care. You aren’t exactly the poster child for keeping plants alive, let alone big trees. It’s time to call in the big guns, it’s time to hire a professional tree service like Tree Service San Clemente (www.treeservicesanclemente.com)

You think it’s so simple to keep trees alive and thriving, but there’s more to it than just watering them every few days. Your trees need to be pruned to clear away dead or dying branches, this helps your trees not only look better, they will grow stronger, encourages new growth, and helps the trees stay healthy longer.

They will also look better when they are pruned, it will give them a more sculpted look. And it will help a tree disease or fungus from spreading through the entire tree.

A professional tree service knows the importance of proper mulching, it’s a science people you can’t just throw any kind of dirt on your trees and hope for the best. Mulch provides an insulation layer, they cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and it protects the roots from the temperature fluctuations. Mulch keeps the moisture in the soil, and prevents water runoff so you won’t have to water as often. And as the mulch breaks down, it brings nitrogen and phosphorus into the soil which helps the trees to grow, helps them fight off unwanted pests, and it keeps your trees that lovely healthy green color.

Your trees need nutrients to grow, when they don’t have the proper nutrients your trees won’t grow, and will have a higher chance of an insect problem or diseases.

Fertilizers can supply the necessary nutrients your trees need, whether it is through organic or inorganic fertilizers or a combination of the two, can feed a tree quickly and for an extended period of time. Your professional tree service team will know what kinds of fertilizer your trees need to reach their maximum potential, and can test your soil to determine what’s happening in there.

Once you have done the initial work of mulching, pruning, and fertilization, you will need regular maintenance to make sure all those things are happening when they need to happen. Having a team come to your house and help your trees stay healthy and grow is a wise investment, why have them if you aren’t going to take care of them. Trees can benefit your yard and your home by adding beauty to your yard, and your neighborhood, and trees can help heat and cool your home by providing shade in the summer and bringing in sunlight in the winter.

When choosing a professional tree service you can start by asking your neighbors with the best looking trees who they use, a beautiful, healthy yard should speak volumes about the company that cares for them.

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