How To Get Rebates For Landscaping Your Yard

Tree Service San Clemente DroughtSo you live on the west coast, and it’s dry, very dry out there, and your yard is a disaster because of it. You don’t want to waste too much water and use it on your yard, yet you don’t want everything dying out there. You might want to consider a rebate program that certain states have adopted to help homeowners re-do their yards.

The demand is very high right now for people to remove their turf lawn and replace it with artificial turf, but you will need to check your specific area to make sure it’s allowed.

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has already paid over $34 million in rebates to remove live turf grass. Most of the rebate programs are including drought-resistant plants too and require that 40% of your yard contain plants.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, for example, are paying $3.75 a square foot to replace turf lawn with landscaping that is drought-friendly.

You might have heard of the the California Friendly Landscaping Incentive Program. It was started in 2009. California has saved close to 390 million gallons of water.

The Metropolitan Water District has a website where you can look at photos of yards that have been re-done to receive the rebates, you can find about plant types to use, and other resources to help you on your way. Ultimately your water agency will determine how much you can get in rebates, and it depends on the size of your yard and which city you live in. You will typically have four months for you to make all of the changes to your yard, but working with a professional landscaper can help you get things done fairly quickly. Once you have applied online through your city, you will need to upload photos of your yard before any work has started and copies of your water bill. It should only take a few weeks to get approved.

The following states participate in the rebate programs; Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, California, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington. Most of these states give rebates for water irrigation improvements only, but a rebate is a rebate. Check with your city and state to see what they can do for you.

Now don’t get yourself in a panic wondering what’s going to happen to your yard if you get into the rebate program. It’s a win-win for everyone, you hire a professional landscaper service to do the job for you, they know their stuff, and they are in demand more than ever to change out old yards for drought-resistant yards. They know what your yard needs to get into the rebate program, and they can make your yard look even more beautiful than it was before. And it doesn’t mean you have to have a cactus garden only, there are many native plants that are beautiful and drought-friendly.

What are you waiting for, the time is now to help reduce your water use, and to finally make some improvements in your yard.

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