Trees And Plants That Grow Best In Droughts

Tree Service San ClementeIf you happen to live in a city that is experiencing a drought or that just doesn’t get much rain, you may want to consider adding or replacing existing plants with drought-tolerant plants and trees. They require a lot less water and maintenance than traditional or exotic plants, which is good for your water bill and good for your community. They are able to store water internally or they develop roots that sink deep down in the soil, some plants have a wax or hairy coating that can reflect the sunlight and insulate the plant. Drought-tolerant plants are not just dusty and dry cactus and succulents, there are tons of varieties that bloom with beautiful colored flowers that also attract butterflies and hummingbirds. You can be environmentally friendly and have a gorgeous landscape just by adding these beauties to your yard.

Here are some shrubs that are colorful and require little water:

  • California Redbud produces magenta flowers
  • Cleveland Sage is the most fragrant of the 100 kinds of sages that are pale lavender
  • California Lilac is a large shrub of blue flowers that bloom in the spring and is also fragrant
  • Bluebeard is another beautiful blue shrub
  • Azeleas are a flowering shrub that blooms in pink, white, red and purple
  • Island Bush Snapdragon has beautiful little red blossoms
  • Lavender bushes are not only fragrant but beautiful too and can be cut and dried and used in your home
  • Spirea is a gorgeous white or pink blooming shrub.

The following perennials are not only drought-tolerant but also very beautiful and colorful.

The California Poppy is the official state flower, which blooms in yellow, orange or white, African Daises are an impressive pink and purple, Verbenas come in purple, red, white and pink, Daylilies are a gorgeous yellow or orange that are very rugged, Four O’clocks are full of color in white, pink, and yellow and are also very fragrant, Tickweed is a lovely yellow daisy-like flower that blooms from June through September, Blue-Eyed Grass is a blue wildflower that works well in rock gardens or as a border, Sundrops are yellow and blooms from spring to early fall and can take the heat like one tough cookie, the Tall Bearded Iris prefers sun and is a gorgeous purple, the always lovely Wisteria is drought-tolerant and pest and disease resistant and looks great hanging from a vine or trellis, and Crocus’ come in white, purple and blue and is great as a ground cover or as a border.

Finally, here are some drought-tolerant trees that will look amazing in your yard. Small leaf trees such as the Willow and Oak use water more efficiently than larger leaf trees. Red and Paperbark maple trees, Elm, Hickory and Sumacs are all good choices. The California Sycamore, the Coast Live Oak, and the Australian Willow are also great choices.

The list of perennials and shrubs that are drought-tolerant could go on for days, so check with a professional landscaping company or local nursery to find something perfect for your yard.

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